About us

TRONpos is a product of many years of experience and knowledge in the field of retail and sales systems and the development of business software solutions of Comtron company.

Today, we have the knowledge and experience we have gained over more than 30 years of constantly striving for excellence and pushing milestones in meeting the needs of our business partners.

Nowadays, a tax cash register program needs to be functional, distinct, user-friendly, and simple. With modern programs such as the TRONpos tax cash register, we make our work easier.

From a kiosk, pastry shop or hairdresser to large retail chains and restaurant chains. Reserving tables, meeting customer needs, assigning tasks to service staff, and managing coupons. All these tasks can be easily performed through the TRONpos cash register program.

Our mission and vision

With the products we develop for business partners, we want to satisfy the needs of users for simple and interactive solutions, and at the same time satisfy the needs and desires of the market for advanced sales campaigns and marketing tools.

Our company is based on solid foundations, values and a vision, nevertheless it is constantly changing, developing and growing. We employ experts in the field of informatics, economics and mathematics, who are required to work by the rules of the profession and to contribute to the operation of the company and business partners by achieving the set goals and values.



Establishment of Comtron company


The first software solutions...

…and the first experience with cash registers 


TRONpos product development

                         Implementation of TRONpos in conjunction with TronInterCenter

 The first TRONpos stand-alone installation


 Integration with ERP Infor LN...

…and the first TRONpos ANDROID customer


A complete overhaul of the graphical interface


Received two prestigious awards for the TRONpos ANDROID LITE tax cash register 


Transitioned to Cloud 

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