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Tax cash register for bars and smaller restaurants

TRONpos GASTRO BAR is a top-quality cash register solution intended for bars and smaller restaurants. It boasts a completely flexible platform for staff and provides quality and fast service. The system enables stock management with norms, flexible analyzes and much more. We install the tax cash register program on a new computer or your existing workstation. All you need to issue invoices is a POS printer, which we can also arrange for you.

Kavni avtomat

What do you need to prepare the cash register for work?

The TRONpos team will take care of the entire implementation of the system in your bar/restaurant. We install programs, adapt them to your needs and wishes, and train staff to use the programs.

You just need to prepare the data we will need for a successful implementation: 

  • Price list,

  • List of users with their tax numbers,

  • Internal act,

  • Digital certificate for tax verification of invoices.

Management program

TRONoffice is a business application for full support of the TRONpos tax cash register. With preset settings, it allows you to easily manage your sales system. It allows the system to be adapted to the needs of the company and the comfort of the staff.

Data security
Accessibility anywhere and anytime
Daily database storage
Connectivity with other TRON products
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Our highly qualified team takes care of the entire project implementation!



Tax verification of invoices

100% by the legislation on tax verification of invoices.

Entering and editing the price list

Easily edit and add items and prices.

Original invoices 

The system is connected to AJPES.

Stock with norms

Stock management with restaurants norms. 

Own use

Possibilities of issuing a document at the purchase price without VAT.

Happy Hours

Making price lists by hours and days.


Possibility of issuing wholesale documents.

Analize prometa

Possibility of a wide range of advanced analyzes.

Zaključevanje blagajne

Conclusion of the cash register with settings.


Export to e-Bills.

Program TRONoffice

Back office program.


Extension accessories

Mobilne analize

Monitor your business from anywhere and anytime.

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