Integration to ERP

Support for integrations with various ERP systems

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Integration to ERP

TRONpos enables 100% integration with back-end business information systems (ERP). It enables two-way communication between the two systems and provides the “all-channel” that is essential to the customer’s sales experience in today’s business.

We can boast of several projects for the integration of POS and ERP systems on an annual basis. We enable connection to already integrated ERP systems and unsupported ERP systems, which we will support for you and take care of the entire integration project.


Systems integration allows stand-alone POS and ERP solutions to work as one - as a complete whole to manage all business functions in your company.

Data consistency                                                                        

The two-way data is harmonized and the same in both systems at every step. Thus, data can be edited in more than one place, as it is automatically transferred to another solution.


Monitoring of all essential business processes and control of projects in one place.

Full integration with ERP

TRONpos enables full-two-way integration with business information systems (ERP). It enables the exchange of code lists in the direction of ERP - POS and the exchange of documents in the opposite direction (POS - ERP).


Full integration with ERP systems opens up the possibility of "omni-channel", which means that you ensure the same sales conditions in both ERP and the integrated TRONpos solution. Provide your customers with a quality and unique shopping experience!

Advanced POS system

The advanced POS solution TRONpos enables integrations with various means of payment (POS terminals, alternative payment methods, etc.) and supports a modern loyalty system with which you will reward your loyal customers and offer them a superior sales experience.

With the introduction of the modern POS solution TRONpos, which we integrate with your business information system, you will gain a unified sales system on all sales channels. Offer the same sale terms to your loyal customers in wholesale, online sales and retail.

Supported integrations

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