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Advanced tax cash register

TRONpos RETAIL STORE is a management and cash register program. It is a comprehensive retail solution that contains the most advanced sales promotion tools. It is suitable for all types of retail activities that need a modern cash register program. With it, we manage material operations, retail and wholesale, as well as advanced possibilities for analyzing the performance of retail operations.


Management program

TRONoffice is a business application for full support of the TRONpos tax cash register. With preset settings, it allows you to easily manage your sales system. It allows the system to be adapted to the needs of the company and the comfort of the staff.

Data security
Accessibility anywhere and anytime
Daily database storage
Connectivity with other TRON products
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Tax verification of invoices

100% by the legislation on tax verification of invoices.

Entering and editing the price list

Easily edit and add items and prices.

Original invoices 

The system is connected to AJPES.


Possibility of issuing wholesale documents.

Cash flow analysis

Possibility of a wide range of advanced analyzes.

The cash register conclusion

Conclusion of the cash register with settings.


Stock management


Export to e-Bills.

Action price list

Editing prices and promotional price lists by hours and days.

Program TRONoffice

Back office program.


Extension accessories

POS terminal

POS terminal integration.

Navzkrižna prodaja

Marketing tool for sales promotion.

Loyalty system

Possibility of loyalty system.

Scale integration

Possibility to connect the scale to the cash register.

VALÚ Moneta payment system

Integration of the VALÚ Moneta payment system.

mBills payment system

mBills payment system integration.

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