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TRONoffice is online software that manages your finances, inventory, automates business functions
in the company and helps you work together between departments.

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Why is TRONoffice the right solution for your business?

Easy to use

Running a business can be a complicated process and the last thing you need is a system that is difficult to use. Choose a simple program that has a simple user interface on top of everything else.

Data security

Data security comes first, so we follow state-of-the-art guidelines and standards when storing data.


Most companies choose a program that meets their current requirements. Choose a system that will allow you to grow and will also be able to adapt to your future needs and the growth of your business.


The TRONoffice web application is accessible from anywhere you have a connection to the internet 24/7 365 days a year. In doing so, you are no longer tied to the office, which is crucial to the success of your business in these times.


With regular monthly updates, we update the TRONoffice cloud application.

You do not need expensive hardware to operate the system, which results in significantly lower maintenance costs.

Brief overview of functions


Master your sales processes

The Wholesale module ensures and enables an efficient and fast course of events from the arrival of demand to the completion of the sale. It enables efficient monitoring of the progress of sales activities and documents, as well as easy creation and updating of price lists:

  • issuance of all forms of wholesale documents,

  • reservation of items,

  • easy creation and updating of price lists,

  • field sales support,

  • automated use of contract parameters with customers.


Full support for the TRONpos cash register system

TRONoffice is a back-office web application of the TRONpos cash register, which enables the management of code lists, the implementation of material operations and a comprehensive overview of operations with analyzes.

TRONoffice is not physically installed on computers (it can also be used on Android / IOS smartphones, tablets,…). So only a computer, a web browser and an Internet connection are enough to use it.

Ledger cards

Receivables and payables

The Ledger cards module provides an overview of outstanding trade payables as an overview of outstanding trade receivables. Possibility of advanced modern analyzes and printouts to support receivables and payables to business partners.


Procurement support

The Procurement module enables the entry of incoming documents or receipts, automated ordering processes from suppliers and efficient inventory management.


100% control over stock changes

The Warehousing module supports all types of material documents that monitor the changes of stocks in unlimited number of warehouses.

The transfer of inventory between units has never been easier. The inventory has never been done faster and with virtually no errors. The write-off of goods has never been so perfectly recorded and easily traceable.

Analyzes and reports

Check the company's operations 

24/7 365 days a year

Want to get data with content and format that is important to you? For TRONoffice, this sounds easy and quick to do!

There are pre-prepared analyzes with modern printouts, but if you are one of the many advanced users, you can create your own analyzes and printouts with the help of advanced PivotTables, which you can view with modern graphical displays.

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