Loyalty system

Attract and retain customers with the TRONpos cash register system

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The rapidly changing situation in the retail market requires retailers to respond quickly and to be flexible. Trends with which large retail corporations attract new customers and retain old ones have been evolving for a long time in the area of ​​coupons and loyalty marketing systems. The range of campaign combinations for customers offered by multinationals is huge and diverse, as is the cost of purchasing a cash register that supports such marketing campaigns. That is why we have prepared a loyalty system and promotions for our partners, which will help you grow your company sales.


  • The possibility of creating a wide range of promotional campaigns to attract existing and new customers,

  • Simple user interface for creating promotional campaigns,

  • You can use multiple promotions at the same time,

  • Link promotions to groups for easier transparency,

  • Easy overview of promotions,

  • Creating direct discounts or discounts in the form of bonuses on the loyalty card or on an individual account,

  • You can use many parameters and combinations to create promotions,

  • Coupon support.


  • Direct discount on the invoice item or on the entire invoice,

  • The amounts of the bonus obtained are credited to the account and can be redeemed by the customer at the next purchase or up to a certain period of time with the account,

  • The amount of the bonus obtained is recorded on the loyalty card and can be redeemed by the customer on the next purchase or until a certain period of time with the loyalty card,

  • Coupons,

  • The customer receives a gift when purchasing a specific item.

You can specify promotions:

Temporal validity

Determine the time validity of the promotion e.g. number of days of validity or from/to date.

Validity for (non)members of the loyalty program

Determine whether the promotion applies to members and/or non-members of the loyalty system.

Additional bonus for members

You can add the option of an additional discount to loyalty cardholders.

Bonus multiplication factor

Determine which and how many (double, triple) factors will affect the amount of the bonus.

Place of validity of benefits

If you have several points of sale, you can set which location the promotion applies to (retail, wholesale, online store, only certain outlets).

Limited number of uses for a particular promotion

Limit how many times an individual can take advantage of a promotion.

You can compose all campaigns from a set of the following properties

Promotion code list

An itam or group of itams

Based on individual items or groups of items.

Business unit

Based on the business unit.  

Customer or group of customers

Based on individual customers, or. customer groups (retirees, students,…).


Based on coupons.

Examples of promotions


You can grant a discount to customers in the form of an immediate discount, a bonus on the card or a bonus on the account, a discount for members of the loyalty program:

  •  20% na celoten asortiman v verigi, poslovni enoti ali na posameznem kanalu (splet),
  •  20% on a specific item or items,
  •  20% na blagovno znamko,
  •  20% on group of items,
  •  20% on the entire purchase on a specific day,
  •  20% na skupino kupcev (npr.: upokojenci, študenti,…) 
  •  20% bonus na nakup v poslovni enoti X, ki je unovčljiv v poslovni enoti Y (preusmerjanje prometa).
Advanced promotions

Advanced promotions, with which you create a wide range of different benefits, which you recognize to customers in the form of a net discount, a bonus on the card or on the account:

  • The difference between the regular price and the price in the loyalty program,
  •  1 + 1 free (when buying two identical items, the other is free),
  •  3 for 2, when buying three specific items the cheapest is free,
  •  When buying above the threshold amount, the buyer receives a discount on the purchase,
  •  100:20 - when purchasing (certain) products worth 100€, the customer receives 20€ benefits,
  •  50% discount on a cheaper item.

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