Terms of business

The general terms and conditions of the website www.tronpos.com are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2), the Electronic Commerce on the Market Act (ZEPT), the Out-of-Court consumer disputes Resolution Act  (ZIsRPS), the Tax Certification of Invoices Act (ZDavPR), based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and international codes for electronic commerce.

The General Terms and Conditions deal with the operation of the website: www.tronpos.com, the buyer's rights and obligations, and regulate the business relationship between the seller/operator of the website and the buyer.

The buyer is bound by the general conditions in force at the time of placing the online order. When placing an order, the user is reminded of the general terms and conditions of business and confirms his/her acquaintance with them by placing an order.

Commpany information

COMTRON d.o.o, is one of the leading computer companies in Slovenia, based in Maribor. The company is registered with the District Court in Maribor under no. reg. 1 / 1055-00 and recapitalised by the Companies Act, to perform the following activities:

• engineering and consulting for information systems,
• maintenance of information systems,
• production of all types of computer systems, networks, communications…,
• sales of computers, computer components, software,…
• development of business software and internet business solutions.

Company name:
COMTRON d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 21, 2000 Maribor
Registration number:
SI11931477, the company is a taxpayer
Telephone number:
02 300 35 99
Responsible person:
Ivan Selar
Current Account NLB:
SI56 0287 8026 1833 960
Current Account SKB:
SI56 0312 1100 6205 388
Current Account NKBM:
SI56 0451 5000 0619 950

Entry in the court register on: December 05, 1989, at the District Court of Maribor application no .: 1/01055/00

Definitions of terms

• The bidder / Seller is COMTRON d.o.o.
• User / Customer is a person who uses a website/store, ie a customer in an online store.
• Online store is an information system intended for the presentation and sale of products to the user.

Availability of information

The provider undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:

• information about the company (name and registered office of the company, registration number, tax number, registration number)
• contact information that enables the user to communicate quickly and efficiently (e-mail and telephone)
• essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees)
• availability of products (any product or service offered on the website should be available within a reasonable time)
• terms of delivery of the product or execution of the service (method, place and time of delivery)
• all prices must be clearly and unambiguously set, it must be clear whether they already include taxes and transport costs
• method of payment and delivery
• time validity of the offer
• deadline within which it is still possible to withdraw from the contract; in addition, also about if and how much it costs the customer to return the product
• the complaint procedure must be clarified, including all details of the contact person or customer service.

Types of users

The buyer can place an order:

• as a registered user with a username and password (registration can also be done during online shopping and is optional), or
• once as a guest (registered user without a user account)

Upon registration in the online store, the visitor obtains a username that is the same as his/her e-mail address and a password of his choice. The username and password of the user are unambiguously determined and linked to the completed data. After registration, the visitor becomes a user and has the right to purchase.

Offer of items and prices

All prices are expressed in euros and include VAT. The validity of the price for selected items or services is valid on the day of purchase, namely on the day when the buyer submitted and completed the purchase under these terms of business. Prices for the B2B portal business users also include a display of rebates and other agreed terms, such as payment deadlines, possible advances and additional rebates, and quantity rebates. The online store reserves the right that a particular product is not in stock and can no longer be delivered, even if it is published on the website.

COMTRON d.o.o. is a taxpayer for value added tax.  

Discounts, promotional codes, etc. do not add up.

We allow the possibility of error when entering technical specifications of items. Product photos do not guarantee product features and may be symbolic. We strive to provide up-to-date and accurate product photos but the product photo may be incorrect or old. In this case, the provider will allow the buyer to withdraw from the purchase.

Ordering and purchase process

Ordering is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

1. The customer adds the items to the cart and follows the purchase steps.
2. On the website, the customer chooses between the products and their versions. When the customer finds the desired product, he clicks on the ADD TO CART button.
3. Before placing the order, the buyer will be able to check the correctness of the order and the entered data, including quantities and prices, and will be able to correct them before placing the order.
4. After clicking on the CONFIRM ORDER button, the order is placed and the customer receives an e-mail about placing the order.
5. The sales contract between the seller and the buyer is concluded at the moment when the seller sends the buyer the first electronic message confirming his order. From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the seller and the buyer.

The provider informs the customer via e-mail about up-to-date information regarding the delivery of goods. If the delivery period is very long and the buyer does not want to wait, the buyer can notify the provider, who will remove the item from the order and return any funds already paid to the buyer, and other items from the order will be delivered if the entire order isn't cancelled.

The bidder prepares, dispatches the goods within the agreed deadline and notifies the buyer by e-mail. In the mentioned e-mail, the bidder also informs the buyer about the return policy, where he can turn in case of delay in delivery and where he can turn in case of a complaint.

Methods of payment

The provider allows the following methods of payment:

• By transfer to the account of COMTRON d.o.o. by proforma invoice (information required for the transfer is received by email after placing the order) or
• Cash-on-delivery
• with VISA MasterCard, Maestro and Diners payment cards

The bidder reserves the order until the payment of the pro forma invoice or no later than 5 days from the confirmation of the order. He no longer guarantees the availability of goods later.

Issuance of invoice

After the shipment of the ordered items, the bidder sends the buyer an invoice with a all costs, together with the ordered goods.


The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the data before placing the order. Subsequent objections regarding the correctness of the issued invoices are not taken into account.

Product return / withdrawal from the contract

The consumer has the right to inform the seller within 14 days of receiving the items that he is withdrawing from the contract, without having to state the reason for his decision. The deadline starts one day after the date of receipt of the package.

Withdrawal from the contract is notified by the consumer to the seller's e-mail address: info@comtron.si.

The form for withdrawal from the contract is available to the user here.

V primeru odstopa od pogodbe potrošnik prejeti artikel vrne po pošti na naslov prodajalca: COMTRON d.o.o., Tržaška cesta 21, 2000 Maribor.

The consumer must return the item to the seller undamaged and in the same quantity and original packaging unless the item is destroyed or its quantity has decreased without the consumer's fault.

The consumer may not use the items without hindrance until the withdrawal from the contract. The consumer may inspect and test the articles to the extent strictly necessary to establish the actual situation. The consumer is liable for a reduction in the value of the goods if the reduction is the result of conduct that is not strictly necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

The only cost borne by the consumer in connection with the withdrawal from the contract is the cost of returning the items (which in the case of shipping is charged according to the price list of the delivery service). The item must be returned to the seller no later than 30 days after the notification of withdrawal from the contract (purchase).

The consumer shall not be entitled to withdraw from contracts for contracts which have as their object a product which has been manufactured to the exact instructions of the consumer and which has been adapted to his personal needs and which by its nature is not eligible for return. it is not suitable for resale for hygienic reasons.

Reimbursement of payments made, including delivery costs, will be made as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract. The company shall return the payments received to the consumer with the same method of payment as used by the consumer unless the consumer has explicitly requested the use of a different method of payment and the consumer does not incur any costs as a result.


Items have a warranty if stated on the warranty card or invoice. The warranty is valid in accordance with the instructions on the warranty card and upon submission of the invoice. The warranty periods are stated on the warranty cards or on the invoice.

Warranty information is also provided on the product presentation page. If there is no warranty information, the item does not have a warranty or the information is not known at this time. In that case, the buyer can contact the seller, who will provide up-to-date information.


If the wrong products are delivered, the customer returns the delivered products, and the provider will replace them free of charge with the appropriate ones. In this case, the provider covers the cost of delivery. However, the bidder does not cover the cost of returning the advertised products, if no error was found on the part of the bidder. Originally delivered products can only be returned unused, undamaged and in the same packaging. Returns must be adequately protected against damage during transport - they must be packed in a hard box, preferably in the one in which you received the products.

Actual error

The consumer may exercise his rights arising from a material defect if he notifies the seller about the defect within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered. The consumer must describe the defect in detail and allow the seller to inspect the item.

The seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after two years since the item has been delivered. A defect in items shall be deemed to have already existed at the time of delivery if it occurs within six months of delivery.

A consumer who has duly notified the seller of a defect has the right to require of the seller to:

• rectify the defect in the goods or refund part of the amount paid in proportion to the defect, or
• replaces defective goods with new faultless or
• returns the amount paid.

The error is real when:

• the item does not have the properties necessary for its normal use or for traffic
• the item does not have the properties necessary for the specific use for which the buyer is buying it, but which was known to the seller or should have been known
• the item does not have the characteristics and features that were explicitly or tacitly agreed
• the seller has delivered an item that does not match the pattern or model unless the pattern or model was shown for notification only.

The suitability of a product for normal use shall be verified against normal goods of the same type and taking into account any of the seller's statements on the characteristics of the goods made by the seller or manufacturer, in particular by advertising, a product presentation or indications on the product itself.

The rights to enforce material errors on an item are precisely regulated by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.


Various discounts and promotions can take place on the website www.tronpos.com. All discounts are clearly stated next to the product itself. Discounts cannot be exchanged for cash payments. If you buy the item before the discounts, you are not entitled to additional discounts, even if the same products are discounted.

Discount vouchers cannot be redeemed on custom products, nor can discounts apply to custom products.

We reserve the right to make errors in posting discounts. Discounts are valid for a certain period of time unless otherwise written and made public. Discounts apply to stock sales. We reserve the right that a certain product is no longer in stock during the discount period and can no longer be manufactured.

Stocks of the entire offer on the website www.tronpos.com are limited.

Data security

The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments of the customer. Card information is not stored on the provider's server.

Protection of personal data

By placing an order under these terms and conditions, the buyer expressly declares and gives consent to the seller to process his personal data, namely name and surname, address and postal address, e-mail address and telephone number, to fulfil the order of this contract and protect them by the protection of personal data. The seller will not pass on the buyer's personal data to unauthorized third parties, except for contractual partners, if necessary for the order's execution. The customer may not cancel his own personal data processing to execute the order under these general terms and conditions.

The seller reserves the right to process the customer's personal data for its own needs, to perform statistical sampling, surveying, adjusting and segmenting the offer, for market research, informing about the offer, news and benefits, conducting targeted advertising and sending other advertising material (so-called direct marketing). The seller will not perform direct marketing if the buyer explicitly prohibits it when placing an order, otherwise, he can do so no later than the receipt of the individual's cancellation or until the moment when the data will no longer serve the purpose.

Contract archiving

Pogodba, ki jo skleneta ponudnik in uporabnik (e-mail oddano naročilo) je trajno shranjena pri podjetju COMTRON d.o.o., Tržaška cesta 21, 2000 Maribor.

Communication with the user

The provider will contact the user via distance communication only if the user does not explicitly object to this and in accordance with the provisions of ZEKom-1. Advertising emails will contain the following components:

• They will be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages
• The sender will be clearly visible
• Various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such, and the conditions for participation in them will be clearly defined
• The method of unsubscribing from receiving advertising messages will be clearly presented
• The user's wish not to receive advertising messages will be explicitly respected by the provider.


Cookies are small files of information that are temporarily stored on your computer. You are not notified when cookies are installed on your computer. The main purpose of cookies is for web servers to recognize your computer and web browser, customize the website, and ensure ease and speed. Cookies allow us to show you the correct information that you are looking for and are interested in. By collecting and remembering information about your website settings using cookies, we can provide a better website and marketing experience. Cookies do not give us access to a computer and the data we collect through cookies does not include personal data.

We use the following cookies on the website:

Own or external
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Essential: Essential cookies are those that are critical to the operation of a website. These cookies help us understand how visitors use our website so that we can improve our online services. That is why we use tools to analyze traffic on websites.

Functional: Functional cookies allow us to understand the wishes of visitors and provide them with a better user experience. These cookies also allow the website to be displayed to you as you set it yourself.

The cookies of external providers are not set by the provider, but by the selected partners with whom we cooperate. They do not collect or send your personal information. Some of them provide useful services, such as online questionnaires. Others may be set up through the ad networks we work with so that they can place our online ad in the most appropriate place. You may see our ads on other sites. We call this remarketing.

Most web browsers allow you to set your cookies. You can reject cookies or accept them with a feature built into web browsers. If you decline cookies, you may continue to use our website, but certain subpages may not work.

Notification and newsletter

The user agrees that we inform him about news and promotions on our website by subscribing to the newsletter. The provider undertakes not to misuse or pass on the user's e-mail address to a third party in any way. The user can unsubscribe from receiving the news at any time.

Liability limitations

The provider makes every effort to ensure the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the information published on its pages. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the items, the delivery time or the price may change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the information on the websites. In such a case, the provider will notify the customer of the changes and allow him to withdraw from the order or replace the ordered item.

The bidder has the option of withdrawing from the contract only if an obvious error is established (Article 46 of the Civil Code). An obvious defect is considered to be a defect in the essential characteristics of the item and all errors that are considered decisive according to the customs of the store or the intention of the customers and which the provider would not confirm or conclude the contract in case of knowledge. This also includes obvious price errors.

Although the provider strives to provide accurate photographs of the items sold, all photographs must be taken as symbolic. The photos do not guarantee the properties of the product. The provider reserves the right to change the terms of business at any time and in any way, for any reason and without prior notice.

Complaints and disputes

The provider complies with applicable consumer protection legislation. The provider makes every effort to fulfil its duty to establish an effective complaint handling system and to designate a person with whom, in the event of problems, the customer can contact by telephone or e-mail. The complaint is submitted via the e-mail address info@comtron.si. The appeal procedure is confidential.

The bidder does its best to resolve any disputes amicably.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal norms, the provider does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that could be initiated by the consumer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act.

COMTRON d.o.o., which as a provider of goods and services enables online trade in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to the platform for the online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS). The platform is available to consumers here.

That regulation derives from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

Delivery and postage

The partner for the delivery of shipments is POŠTA SLOVENIJE, but the provider reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it will be able to fulfil the order more efficiently.

Postage for orders under EUR 100 is EUR 3.95 for the entire territory of Slovenia. For orders over 100 EUR, postage is free.

Each order placed on the website www.tronpos.com will be processed on the same day or no later than the next working day after the order is placed. In the event that this is not possible for any reason, we will notify you. After confirming the order, the package will be sent or ready for collection within 3 to 5 working days. If delivery is not possible within the delivery time or would be made early, the seller will notify the buyer.

WARNING: Pošta Slovenije charges a redemption fee according to the price list of Pošta Slovenije, if the collection of the package is a cash on delivery.

Return of damaged shipments

In the event that the package is physically damaged, lacks content or shows signs of opening, the customer must initiate a complaint procedure with Pošta Slovenije or another company that performed the delivery. To do this, bring the package to the nearest post office or delivery service unit that delivered the shipment to you in the same condition as you received it, and fill in the complaint report. Together with Pošta Slovenije or the competent delivery service, we will make sure that the complaint is resolved in the shortest possible time.

Change in business conditions

The seller reserves the right to change these terms of business at any time if he is obliged to do so in accordance with the applicable regulations in this area or deems it necessary to ensure legal, safe and quality operation of the website.

The amended general terms and conditions apply from the publication on the website and apply to the individual customer from the date of placing the order.

The General Terms and Conditions are valid from July 29, 2021.

Pogoji nagradnih iger


1.    člen

(1) Organizator nagradne igre je Comtron d. o. o., Tržaška cesta 21, 2000 Maribor (v nadaljevanju organizator).

(2) Kadar kot so-organizator nagradne igre sodeluje tudi poslovni partner organizatorja, ta zagotovi nagrade in izvede nagradno žrebanje, organizator pa izvede nagradno igro na svojih Spletnih straneh in/ali Facebook Profilih, kakor določeno v besedilu razpisa posamezne nagradne igre.

(3) V primeru, da nagrade zagotovi poslovni partner organizatorja, ki ne želi sodelovati v vlogi in obveznostih so-organizatorja (v nadaljevanju pokrovitelj), vse aktivnosti tega prevzame organizator.


2.    člen

(1) V nagradni igri lahko sodelujejo polnoletne osebe s stalnim ali začasnim bivališčem v Republiki Sloveniji. Mladoletne osebe(mlajše od 18 let) morajo imeti za sodelovanje v nagradni igri predhodno pisno soglasje staršev ali zakonitih zastopnikov.

(2) K nagradni igri lahko pristopijo registrirani uporabniki Spletne strani, razen če besedilo razpisane nagradne igre ne predvideva drugače. Obiskovalec se na Spletni strani registrira tako, da v postopku registracije izbere uporabniško ime in geslo, svojo identiteto pa potrdi z veljavnim elektronskim naslovom. Prijava in uporaba Spletne strani je brezplačna. V primeru, ko nagradna igra poteka prek spletnega družabnega omrežja Facebook, lahko v nagradni igri sodelujejo vse osebe, ki so v okviru spletnega družabnega omrežja Facebook pridružene posameznemu Profilu, na katerem poteka nagradna igra oziroma vse osebe, ki so na tem Profilu kliknile gumb »Všeč mi je.« oziroma »Like.«, razen če besedilo razpisane nagradne igre ne predvideva drugače.

(3) Sodelovanje v nagradni igri ni pogojeno z nakupom in ga Comtron d. o. o. ne zaračunava.

(4) Udeleženci nagradne igre sami krijejo vse stroške sodelovanja v nagradni igri.

Med stroške sodelovanja se med drugim uvrščajo:

·        strošek dostopa do interneta;

·        strošek prenosa podatkov z interneta.

(5) V nagradni igri ne smejo sodelovati zaposleni in zunanji pogodbeni sodelavci Comtron d. o. o. ali njihovi ožji družinski člani.

(6) Vsak posameznik lahko k posamezni nagradni igri pristopi le enkrat.


3.    člen

Podrobna predstavitev in potek nagradne igre jev opisu posamezne nagradne igre objavljene na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu.


4.    člen

(1) Datum začetka in zaključka nagradne igre je opredeljen v vsebini posamezne nagradne igre, ki je objavljena na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook Profilu, kjer nagradna igra tudi poteka.

(2) S sodelovanjem v nagradni igri se šteje, da udeleženec sprejema te splošne pogoje sodelovanja v nagradni igri in pogoje, ki so objavljeni na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu.

(3) V primeru navedbe nepopolnih, nepravilnih ali neresničnih podatkov (elektronskega naslova oziroma podatkov iz 3. odstavka8. člena Splošnih pogojev nagradnih iger) si organizator pridržuje pravico, da udeležencu sodelovanje v nagradni igri zavrne ali ga iz nagradne igre izključi.

Udeleženec izgubi pravico do nagrade, če organizator ugotovi, da:

·        udeleženec ni izpolnjeval pogojev sodelovanja;

·        je udeleženec kršil pravila in pogoje sodelovanja v nagradni igri;

·        udeleženec ne želi izpolniti obveznosti v skladu s temi pogoji ali posebnimi pogoji objavljenimi na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu ali jih ni izpolnil pravočasno;

·        v primeru prijav: če je prijava na kakršenkoli način neustrezna.

V primeru, ko udeleženec izgubi pravico do nagrade, organizator presodi, ali bo nagrado podelil komu drugemu ali ne.

(4) V kolikor pogoji nagradne igre pogojujejo sodelovanje v nagradni igri, s tem da udeleženec predloži skice, risbe, fotografije, video posnetke ali drugo avtorsko gradivo, udeleženec s posredovanjem gradiva organizatorju jamči, da razpolaga z vsemi materialnimi avtorskimi upravičenji na tem gradivu in jih v celoti enkrat za vselej za vse primere prenaša na organizatorja nagradne igre.

(5) S posredovanjem gradiva iz prejšnjega odstavka tega člena udeleženec podaja nepreklicno soglasje za objavo, razstavo, tiskanje, distribucijo ipd., v delu ali celoti, brez omejitev glede transformacij ali obdelave gradiva, v vseh medijih (tiskanih medijih, na spletnih straneh, Facebook profilih, oglaševalskih edicijah ali drugih medijih)organizatorja oz. soorganizatorja nagradne igre brez pravice do nadomestila oz. plačila. Hkrati se odpoveduje pravici pregledovati, odobriti, nasprotovati kakršnemu koli načinu uporabe gradiva, uredniški izbiri ali izgledu materiala.

(6) V primeru, da je udeleženec izžreban oziroma izbran za nagrajenca, ta s prevzemom nagrade podaja nepreklicno soglasje k sodelovanju z organizatorjem oz. soorganizatorjem v smislu fotografiranja nagrajenca za potrebe oglaševanja oz. objav tako pridobljenega gradiva v vseh medijih (tiskanih medijih, na spletnih straneh, Facebook profilih, oglaševalskih edicijah ali drugih medijih) organizatorja oz. so organizatorja nagradne igre brez pravice do nadomestila oz. plačila. Hkrati se odpoveduje pravici pregledovati, odobriti, nasprotovati kakršnemu koli načinu uporabe gradiva, uredniški izbiri ali izgledu materiala.

(7) S pristopom k nagradni igri se udeleženec strinja s prejemanje elektronskih promocijskih sporočil podjetja Comtron d.o.o.. 

(8) Organizator v ničemer ne prevzema nikakršne odgovornosti za:

·        uporabniške vsebine, objavljene na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu;

·        nedelovanje storitve, ki je posledica neznanja uporabe storitev;

·        nedelovanje storitve, ki je posledica izpada omrežja pogodbenih partnerjev, izpada električne energije ali drugih tehničnih motenj, ki bi lahko začasno motile uporabo storitve;

·        kakršnekoli neželene posledice, ki bi jo sodelujoči utrpel zaradi sodelovanja v nagradni igri.

Organizator ne nosi nobenih stroškov, ki pri sodelujočih nastanejo zaradi sodelovanja v nagradni igri.

(9) Udeleženec je v celoti odgovoren za oddano vsebino in kakovost vsebin, ki jih posreduje. Udeleženec se zavezuje, da ne bo v nobenem primeru posredoval v objavo vsebin:

·        na katerih bodo tretje osebe oz. njihovi osebni podatki;

·        ki bodo vsebovale kakršnekoli druge podrobnosti, zaradi katerih ali na podlagi katerih bi bile lahko prizadete katerekoli pravice tretjih oseb;

·        ki bi lahko povzročile kakršnokoli škodo ali bi bile v nasprotju z veljavno zakonodajo, predpisi in moralo.

Organizator si pridržuje pravico, da brez kakršnih koli obveznosti do udeleženca vsebine, ki prikazujejo nasilje, orožje, droge, ki so žaljive, rasno nestrpne, obscene, ali so po mnenju organizatorja iz kakršnega koli drugega razloga neprimerne, ne objavi ali umakne in udeleženca, ki je vsebino objavil, izloči iz nagradne igre. Če organizator prejme pritožbo zaradi že objavljene vsebine, ima pravico, da jo brez obvestila in obveznosti do avtorjev, odstrani s spletnega mesta in izloči iz nagradne igre.

Udeleženec, ki posreduje vsebine, je v celoti odgovoren za vso škodo, ki bi jo lahko povzročila organizatorju, so-organizatorju ali katerim koli tretjim osebam s posredovanimi in objavljenimi vsebinami.


5.    člen

(1) Posamezni udeleženec nagradne igre lahko prejme le eno izmed nagrad. Če je udeleženec izžreban dvakrat ali večkrat, prejme tisto nagrado, za katero je bil izžreban najprej.

(2) Vrsta in opis nagrad sta predstavljena v besedilu razpisa nagradne igre na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu, kjer nagradna igra tudi poteka.

(3) Nagrade niso zamenljive za drugo vrsto nagrade, izplačljive v gotovini ali prenosljive na tretje osebe.


6.    člen

(1) Za organizacijo, izvedbo in nadzor nad potekom nagradne igre ter žrebanjem nagrajencev skrbi komisija, ki jo sestavljajo predstavniki organizatorja in/ali predstavniki so-organizatorja.

(2) Žrebanje nagrad bo potekalo na dan določen v opisu nagradne igre na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu, najkasneje pa v14-ih dneh po zaključku nagradne igre na sedežu organizatorja (Tržaška cesta21, 2000 Maribor) ali so-organizatorja.


7.    člen

(1) Nagrajenec bo obvestilo o nagradi prejel prek zasebnega sporočila na svojem Facebook profilu ali na svoj elektronski naslov, ki ga je posredoval ob začetku nagradne igre na Spletni strani.

(2) S sodelovanjem v posamezni nagradni igri udeleženec soglaša, da ga v primeru izžrebanja organizator kot nagrajenca objavi na zidu Facebook profila in ob tem tudi označi (»tag«) in na Spletni strani. 

(3) Seznam nagrajencev bo objavljen na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu najkasneje v treh dneh po žrebanju nagrad. V primeru, da žrebanje izvede so-organizator, bo seznam objavljen najkasneje v desetih dneh od dneva žrebanja.

(4) Rezultati nagradne igre so dokončni. Pritožba nanje ni mogoča.


8.    člen

(1) Udeleženec je kot nagrajenec upravičen do prevzema nagrade, če ga o nagradi v dogovorjenem roku obvesti organizator oziroma administrator Spletne strani in/ali Facebook profila.

(2) Nagrade so obdavčene po Zakonu o dohodnini. Nagrajenec je zavezanec za plačilo dohodnine v skladu z Zakonom o dohodnini(drugi prejemki, med katere spadajo tudi nagrade). Akontacijo dohodnine obračuna in odvede organizator nagradne igre oz. soorganizator ali sponzor, ki zagotovi nagrado. 

(3) Za prevzem nagrade mora nagrajenec ob pisnem pozivu organizatorja predložiti naslednje osebne podatke: ime in priimek, točen naslov stalnega bivališča, kraj bivanja, davčno številko in davčni urad. Za potrebe obveščanja o prevzemu nagrade nagrajenec sporoči tudi kontaktno telefonsko številko.

Če nagrajenec v sedmih dneh po datumu poslanega poziva ne predloži potrebnih podatkov, izgubi pravico do nagrade brez pravice do kakršnegakoli nadomestila, finančnega ali materialnega.

(4) Organizator s pisnim pozivom iz odstavka (3)tega člena nagrajenca obvesti o načinu prevzema nagrade. Nagrado lahko organizator na lastne stroške pošlje na naslov, ki ga je sporočil nagrajenec, prevzem nagrade pa je možen tudi osebno v službenih prostorih organizatorja na Tržaški cesti 21, 2000 Maribor. 

Kadar je predmet nagrade občutljiv predmet (na primer občutljiv mehanizem, steklena embalaža, embalaža, ki vsebuje tekočino inpodobno) ali predmet, ki zaradi svoje teže in/ali velikosti ni primeren za varno pošiljanje po pošti, nagrajenci nagrado prevzamejo osebno na sedežu organizatorja. Po dogovoru z nagrajencem je mogoče po pošti poslati tudi občutljive predmete, vendar organizator ne prevzema nobene odgovornosti za morebitne poškodbe, nastale med pošiljanjem paketa. V primeru izgubljenega ali poškodovanega paketa in/ali poškodovane vsebine paketa, nagrajenec ni upravičen do kakršnegakoli nadomestila, finančnega ali materialnega.

(5) Osebe, mlajše od 18 let, morajo za prevzem nagrade organizatorju predložiti pisno soglasje staršev ali zakonitega skrbnika hkrati s posredovanjem podatkov iz 3. odstavka tega člena, najkasneje pa do prevzema nagrade.


9.    člen

(1) Organizator Comtron d. o. o. kot upravljavec osebnih podatkov spoštuje zasebnost udeležencev posamezne nagradne igre in se zavezuje, da bo z osebnimi podatki, pridobljenimi tekom nagradne igre, ravnal skrbno in jih varoval ter obdeloval v skladu z Zakonom o varstvu osebnih podatkov. 

(2) Brez izrecne privolitve udeležencev posamezne nagradne igre osebnih podatkov udeležencev ne bo posredoval tretji osebi ali jih uporabil v druge namene, kot izključno za potrebe uspešne celostne izvedbe nagradne igre, razen, če s predpisi ni določeno drugače.

(3) V primeru, ko organizator nagradno igro organizira skupaj s so-organizatorjem, bo ta so-organizatorju posredoval seznam nagrajencev z njihovimi podatki. Organizator ne prevzema odgovornosti za ustrezno obdelavo in hrambo podatkov, ki so bili posredovani so-organizatorju.

(4) V kolikor se sodelujoči v nagradni igri strinja s posredovanje podatkov so-organizatorju, bo organizator po končani igri vse podatke takih uporabnikov posredoval so-organizatorju. Organizator ne prevzema odgovornosti za ustrezno obdelavo in hrambo podatkov, ki so bili posredovani so-organizatorju.

(5) Organizator ne prevzema nobene odgovornosti za zaščito podatkov na spletnih straneh, do katerih vodijo določene povezave na Spletnih straneh organizatorja, niti ne prevzema odgovornosti za morebitne napake, ki se lahko pojavijo ob posredovanju napačnih ali lažnih podatkov s strani udeležencev nagradne igre.

(6) Udeleženec nagradne igre organizatorju kot upravljavcu zbirke osebnih podatkov dovoljuje, da do preklica udeleženca oziroma do izpolnitve namena obdelave podatkov vodi, vzdržuje in obdeluje zbirko posredovanih osebnih podatkov za potrebe izvedbe nagradne igre v skladu z Zakonom o varovanju osebnih podatkov .

Osebni podatki v zbirki osebnih podatkov nagrajencev in namen njihovega zbiranja, obdelave, shranjevanja in uporabe:

·        elektronski naslov (za potrebe sodelovanja v nagradni igri, žrebanja in posredovanja pisnih pozivov organizatorja po nadaljnjem ravnanju v primeru upravičenosti do nagrade);

·        ime in priimek, naslov in kraj bivanja (za potrebe identifikacije nagrajenca, žrebanja, obveščanja o nagradah in obveščanja o načinu prevzema nagrad ter za potrebe poročanja davčnim organom v skladu z veljavno davčno zakonodajo v Republiki Sloveniji);

·        kontaktna telefonska ali GSM številka (za potrebe obveščanja v primeru kakršnihkoli težav z dostavo nagrade);

·        davčna številka in davčni urad nagrajenca (za potrebe poročanja davčnim organom v skladu z veljavno davčno zakonodajo v Republiki Sloveniji).

(7) V času upravljanja osebnih podatkov ima vsak posamezni udeleženec možnost vpogleda, prepisa, kopiranja, dopolnitve, popravka, blokiranja in izbrisa osebnih podatkov v zbirki osebnih podatkov, skladno z veljavnimi predpisi.

(8) Podatke hranimo v računalniški obliki. Po prenehanju potrebe po vodenju podatkov ali na podlagi zahtevka nagrajenca, se podatki izbrišejo.

(9) Uporabniki podatkov so administrator Spletne strani in/ali Facebook profila ter odgovorni za dostavo nagrad.

(10) S sodelovanjem v nagradni igri udeleženec soglaša, da mu lahko organizator pošilja brezplačna splošna obvestila vezana na nagradno igro prek elektronske pošte ali telefonske številke iz 3. odst. 8.člena teh pogojev do preklica tega soglasja oziroma do izpolnitve namena hrambe kontaktnih podatkov.

(11) V času upravljanja osebnih podatkov ima udeleženec pravico vpogleda, prepisa, kopiranja, dopolnitve, popravka, blokiranja in izbrisa osebnih podatkov v zbirki podatkov, skladno z veljavnimi predpisi. Udeleženec lahko od organizatorja kadarkoli zahteva, da v 15 dneh trajno ali začasno preneha uporabljati njegove osebne podatke za namen neposrednega trženja, in sicer s klikom na povezavo za odjavo v nogi posameznega promocijskega sporočila po e-pošti ali pisno na naslov organizatorja.


10.    člen

(1) Udeleženci nagradne igre hkrati s Pogoji nagradne igre sprejemajo tudi pogoje in pravila Facebook skupnosti. Organizatorne prevzema nobene odgovornosti za nespoštovanje pogojev uporabe Facebook skupnosti s strani udeležencev nagradne igre. Prav tako ne prevzema odgovornosti za kakršnekoli posledice nastale kot rezultat objave prispevkov na Facebook profilu.

(2) Organizator si pridržuje pravico do dopolnitev in sprememb pogojev nagrade igre, če tako zahtevajo vzroki tehnične ali komercialne narave ali vzroki na strani javnosti.

(3) O vseh spremembah in novostih nagradne igre bo organizator udeležence sproti obveščal z objavami na Spletni strani in/ali Facebook profilu.

(4) Vprašanja o zaupnosti in uporabi vaših osebnih podatkov oziroma željo po dodatnih informacijah v zvezi z nagradno igro naslovite na elektronski naslov: info@tronpos.si. 

Change in business conditions

The seller reserves the right to change these terms of business at any time if he is obliged to do so in accordance with the applicable regulations in this area or deems it necessary to ensure legal, safe and quality operation of the website.

The amended general terms and conditions apply from the publication on the website and apply to the individual customer from the date of placing the order.

The General Terms and Conditions are valid from July 29, 2021.

Obvestilo o izvajanju videonadzora

Družba, Comtron, d.o.o., izvaja videonadzor v skladu s Splošno uredbo (6. člen) in ZVOP-2, 3. poglavje II. dela (76.-80. člen), in sicer:

76. člen  - splošne določbe o videonadzoru in varstvu osebnih podatkov; 77. člen - videonadzor dostopa v uradne službene oziroma poslovne prostore; 78. člen – videonadzor znotraj delovnih prostorov;  79. člen - videonadzor v prevoznih sredstvih, namenjenih javnemu potniškemu prometu; 80. člen - videonadzor na javnih površinah.


Upravljalec vaših osebnih podatkov je družba COMTRON d.o.o., Tržaška cesta 21, 2000 Maribor,

matična št.:5298156000, ID za DDV: SI11931477, zakoniti zastopnik: Ivan SELAR.


Videonadzor se uvede zaradi zagotavljanja varnosti:

  •      zaposlenih,

  •      strank,

  •      poslovnih partnerjev in

  •      varovanja premoženja.

Zbirka posnetkov sistema za videonadzor vsebuje posnetek:

  •           posameznika (slika),

  •       podatek o lokaciji in

  • datum in čas posnetka.


  •        nadaljnja obdelava posnetkov sistema za videonadzor se ne izvaja,

  •         zvočna intervencija za čas videonadzora se ne izvaja,

  •     podatki niso uporabljani v neobičajne nadaljnje obdelave, kot so prenosi subjektom v tretje države,

  •     videonadzor se ne uporablja za spremljanje v živo,

  •     posnetki sistema za videonadzor se sproti prepisujejo hranijo se najdlje 30 dni.


Posameznik ima pravico do:

  •           dostopa do osebnih podatkov oz. pravico do vpogleda v posnetek sistema za videonadzor, ki se nanaša na osebo na posnetku,

  •       popravka (zameglitev – anonimizacija) ali izbrisa ali omejitve obdelave posnetka sistema za videonadzor),

  • ugovora obdelavi posnetka sistema za videonadzor,

  • prenosljivosti podatkov sistema za videonadzor (kopija posnetka).


Pritožbo glede posnetka sistema za videonadzor se lahko poda na naslov pooblaščene osebe za varstvo podatkov, na naslov: Comtron, Tržaška cesta 21, 2000 Maribor ali na e naslov: comtron@comtron.si


Osebna privolitev ni potreba zaradi obstoja zakonske podlage za izvajanje videonadzora. Posameznik ima pravico, da ne vstopi v območje, prostor ali objekt, v katerem se izvaja videonadzor.