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Remote support - allows faster resolution of problems

Remote support is installed when you send or communicate an open session ID to us. The remote connection will be established in this way and we will be able to help you solve the problem remotely.

Klicni center

In everyday tasks, we often encounter certain challenges ...

At that time, it is essential what kind of support we receive. We offer telephone support or support via a web portal to all users with a software maintenance contract.

Benefits for users with a software maintenance contract:

  • Priority treatment,

  • Telephone support,

  • Remote system control,

  • Nižje cene.

The goal and purpose of customer support is ...

To increase the efficiency of the company and the work of individual users and to reduce hidden costs and make software easy and user-friendly.

Call center

Support and assistance for users using the TRONpos business software is available at  +386 (0)2 300 35 99. Call center consultants have extensive experience in software solutions. They are constantly educating themselves and are familiar with the latest technological solutions.

Education and seminars

Before starting a business, we prepare comprehensive training for you to use business software. Trainings can take place at the headquarters of Comtron d.o.o. or the headquarters of your company, but may also be carried out remotely. We also share knowledge and practical advice through online seminars and video guides. Trainings take place both at the basic level for beginners and at a higher level.

Regular monthly updates

We provide regular, monthly software updates and monitor legal changes.

We publish regular monthly updates through regular notifications to users, through which we also inform them about trainings and webinars or events that we organize.

Contact Us

Or visit us in person at the point of sale, report the problem on the portal moj.comtron.si or call

+386 (0)2 300 35 99

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In the FAQ section, we offer you answers to the most frequently asked questions that most often arise during the use of the TRONpos tax cash register. Frequently asked questions and answers thus help to solve the most common cases.

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