The procedure for replacing the cash register and the tax cash register provider

The procedure for replacing the cash register and the tax cash register provider 

Today, there is a very diverse offer of tax cash registers on the market. This is why it is often very difficult to decide what is the best decision at a given moment. The most important thing is to ensure such a tax cash register that suits our way of doing business and at the same time allows us to grow together with the program and support the growth of our company. The professionalism and specialization of the provider are also very important, as customer support is closely related to this.

Dissatisfaction with the existing tax coffers

Often entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with their existing tax cash registers either due to poorer functionality, insufficient customer support, overly complicated program, or simply no longer meeting their needs.

Before replacing the tax cash register, entrepreneurs most often ask how long the change will take, whether it will disrupt their key business processes, whether they will be satisfied with the new cash register, whether it will be easy enough for use,...

However, since an efficient tax cash register significantly facilitates everyday business, in case of dissatisfaction with the current provider, we recommend a change, as this can be quick and easy!

How is the process of changing the tax cash register in our country?

1. We talk about your needs: what program do you need, is it necessary to buy additional accessories, we will advise you for FREE which program is most suitable for your company,... 

2. To prepare the cash register, we need the price list of products, a dedicated digital certificate for tax certification of invoices, data on cashiers and the Internal Act. If you don’t have anything, we will help you prepare. 

3. Our team fully takes care of the replacement and installation of the cash register in just one day!

4. This is followed by training on the use of the program, which can be carried out remotely or at an agreed location.

What do you gain from us?

Fast and efficient customer support
When using the TRON pos cash register, a broad support team is available to help you; everyday day of the week.

Compliance with legislation and updating of the program
We take care of all legal compliance and program updates, and free Google Drive BackUp for data archiving.

No hidden costs
No worries about any hidden aftermarket costs. Rental of TRONpos cash registers include use, legal changes, program updates and support.

The procedure for replacing the cash register and the tax cash register provider
MasaKolmancic 26 July, 2021

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