Portable tax cash register

The optimal solution for outdoor sales

You can turn your smartphone or tablet into a mini portable tax cash register at any time. You can do this with the help of a specially developed application for mobile devices TRONpos Android. A portable tax cash register requires a suitable mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, a mobile application, an Internet connection and a printer, for a successful start-up. It is especially popular among users because of its extreme practicality in collecting services and products.

Help from the mobile tax cash register

A portable tax cash register is welcome for managing the cost of services in bars or salons (hairdressing salon, beauty salon, jewelry store, florist), in sales at stalls, in door-to-door sales (also at vendors on the beach), in traveling shops (for example mobile catering), when renting equipment (scooters, bicycles and other means of transport), when selling bus tickets, for field intervention (for example for chimney sweeps, doctors, veterinarians), for the cost of taxi services.

The portable tax cash register offers you excellent support at all times. Any problems are removed remotely by our experts (professional help and support) in a very fast and efficient way.

Basic package of mobile tax cash register

The basic package of portable or mobile tax cash registers includes issuing invoices, a module according to the norms of the Financial Administration of Slovenia, cash operations, a set of analyzes and reports related to the sale of items or services, review of services and items and prices and printing invoices.

The price of the basic package of the portable tax cash register also includes support via e-mail, and upgrades are included in the price of all packages. The price of all versions of portable tax cash registers also includes a module for cash registers in accordance with the latest FURS requirements for exchange with FURS. 

No need to buy new and expensive equipment

A portable tax cash register allows you to not have to buy new, expensive equipment. You can use the equipment you already have on hand. Checkout installation is quick and free. Online support is provided to you 24 hours a day, all updates and new versions of the application are updated automatically and completely free of charge.

All changes to the cash register that are related to changes conditioned by legal regulations are free of charge. We take care of all this and more at TRONpos, where we are convinced that choosing our solution is the right decision for your company.
Portable tax cash register
MasaKolmancic 26 July, 2021

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