The story of a satisfied partner

With the TRONpos cash register, everything is easy

After a few years of self-employment, and after a year and a half of new challenges, last year I started thinking about how to save time. Writing invoices in Word and in the book of bound invoices took a lot of time, often patience, and in the end, I made mistakes or accidentally deleted the written invoices.   

So I started browsing the web for the possibility of a favorable tax cash register. I found some free forms, downloaded them, and tried, but gave up, then I accidentally found the page among the resaults. I sent an inquiry and quickly got a call back. After chatting about what I need the cash register for, how many invoices I issue per month, they prepared an offer for me. For me as a small entrepreneur, part-time, the financial bite was big, but not only persuasiveness but also a personal approach, understanding, convinced me.

I started with TRONpos ANDROID. I know there was a bit of work for the team, but I felt like it was so quick and easy. I could hardly wait for the team to visit me at home to explain to me the operation of the cash register and then the campaign. Not even after a week was I even happier to decide on them. No more long writing invoices, everything has become so easy and fast. Even if I was in a hurry to pack the products, I quickly print out the invoice and catch the postman for delivering the packages.

I also regularly monitored the work of the team on social networks and at the beginning of the year, I won an award for the fair in Ljubljana. At the fair, I learned about other cash register options and the possibility of an online store… Although I firmly believe that I will not incur additional costs in 2020, the presentation of the team convinced me. From the TRONpos ANDROID cash register, which I use for trade fairs, I switched to the TRONpos RETAIL cash register - Windows and embarked on something new. The team is preparing an online store for me, which will be connected to the cash register. I can’t wait for the online store to come to life, and before that, one big thank you goes to the whole team - support for helping with any questions, the team listening to my whims in setting up the online store, and the leader of the entire team.

This is a team that not only convinces you with the product, usability, but this is also a team that breathes with you and is ready to answer any question, aware that they want us to do good and the best possible business. Thanks.

Why TRONpos cash register?

  • -          Because it's easy to use and because it made my job 100% easier
  • -          Because you save time
  • -          Because it has everything in one place and you can get what you want with just a click
  • -          Because it is connected to the online store
  • -          Because it has an accurate overview to business, because I can see quickly and easily which products are best sellers

      Mojca Buh, MMWOOD
The story of a satisfied partner
MasaKolmancic 26 July, 2021

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