The most important factors in choosing a location for a restaurant

Location is one of the most important success factors of a restaurant. Parking and accessibility can be just as important as good food and service. There is a saying in real estate circles, "By buying, you make money." The location of the restaurant has an impact on many aspects of your business, from the menu all the way to the style of the dining room. If you have already chosen a location for yourself, it is not worth getting used to it until we are sure that the location has properties that are in line with our expectations. 


Ideally, the restaurant has its own parking space. If this is not possible, which often happens in large cities, it makes sense to consider jointly renting or buying part of the parking lot from a hotel that has its own parking lot. Often such parking lots have a roof. There are many famous restaurants in the hotels and they have many good reasons for that. Participation pays off for them as they attract guests to a hotel where there is usually a very large number of diverse people.


There is also a good reason why there are many well-known restaurants along the highway exits - they are very easily accessible to potential customers. There are many restaurants that, thanks to a location close to freeways or attractions, do well even if they do not have the best food and/or service. In the vicinity of e.g., The Eiffel Tower and the Roman Colosseum can thus find many restaurants with questionable food quality and poor service, but they are always full as they are visited by tourists who have visited the sights. They can also afford above-average prices. The vast majority of successful restaurants can be found quickly and easily, often without the help of navigation.


Visibility and accessibility go hand in hand and are extremely important for a restaurant in a new location. People can know that the restaurant is open and can visit it. It is important to inform potential customers through both a physical presence and an online presence. That is why land prices in city centres are higher than land prices in peripheral areas. They offer a level of visibility that attracts people who had no intention of visiting the restaurant but just passed by. The restaurant also needs to be advertised in search engines and social networks, as this strengthens our presence in several different media. It is also necessary to register our restaurant in browsers so that we can describe our offer and prices. 

Population in the area

Are there enough potential customers in the area of ​​our restaurant? If we have enough residents in the area, we can acquire regular customers, who are the backbone of the bars. To determine this, we can do a study of the area, which is usually quite expensive. Most new restaurants have very limited budgets and find it very difficult to afford expensive analyzes and research. Cheaper alternatives are to make diagrams or help the surrounding institutions or town hall. It is also possible to explore the surroundings on your own, with walks along it and conversations with the residents. 

The most important factors in choosing a location for a restaurant
MasaKolmancic 19 July, 2021

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