Key benefits of TRONpos OnlineShop
At this point, the effective creation of an online store is even more important. This is dictated by the current situation, as moving your business online at a time of epidemic is absolutely necessary. This will definitely bring you an effective income loss resolution and many other benefits.

Creating an online store is a simple and quick solution to start selling online. With full integration with the TRONpos tax cash register, you will be able to sell with the same sales conditions as in a physical store.

100% compatible with TRONpos tax cash register

Modern, simple and mobile device-friendly online store design brings you 100% connectivity with TRONpos tax cash register. With the connection, you will be able to transfer items, customers and stock from the TRONpos tax cash register extremely quickly.

The online store also allows you to automatically transfer orders from the online store to TRONpos and to issue an extremely simple cash invoice.

Start the store within 48 hours

The creation of the online store is completed in just 48 hours. We will set up a simple but extremely effective website for you. We will adjust all the designs, take care of the transfer of items from the TRONpos tax cash register.

We will also prepare you well for use and management. You will find that the TRONpos OnlineShop is easy to manage and that you will not need any special prior knowledge.

Mobile friendly store

The design of the online store allows you full customization to all mobile devices. It is found that more and more online users are using smartphones and tablets when browsing the web.

The store will also allow you a simple CMS. You will be able to manage customer relationships through the portal, all days and hours of the week. You will have complete control over your orders, invoices and business.

Payment and advertising in the online store

Quality design of the TRONpos OnlineShop provides you with various payment options, for example with payment cards, via PayPal, cash on delivery or via proforma invoice.

A professionally trained and experienced marketing team will take care of digital strategy and advertising. This will be able to significantly increase your online sales.

Store according to SEO standards

The online store is designed or made according to all SEO standards. This will ensure you rank in the top places in the browser, resulting in high traffic, sales and, last but not least, exceptional success. 

Key benefits of TRONpos OnlineShop
MasaKolmancic 26 July, 2021

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