Ideas to spice up your summer restaurant offer

When temperatures slowly rise and we spend more time in the fresh air, playing in nature, catching the sun’s rays and enjoying refreshing and chilled drinks, that’s when we know summer has finally come. This warmest time of the year brings feelings of joy, freedom and relaxation, and also stimulates the need for socializing and fun. In the following, we, therefore, present various activities that will diversify your summer offer and make guests happy to stay with you.

Some are suitable for the small terraces, others require a little more space or just more creativity, and all provide additional value that will attract many guests.

Themed evenings

Each bar can be big enough with the right amount of imagination to hold a themed event. Lately, there have been extremely popular "quiz" evenings, better known as "trivia nights". To organize a quiz evening, you only need a few tables and chairs and a board where you will write down the results.

The same goes for karaoke, which will be especially successful if you offer a drink at a special price, or make sure you have a happy hour before turning on the microphone. With the help of social media, you can spread the word about your event quickly and for free. You can organize such events throughout the year, so that, for example, every other Tuesday is reserved for a quiz, or every third Saturday of the month guests have the opportunity to show their singing talent. 

"Emit" the wind

You can fight against high temperatures with refreshing drinks and wind. But here we do not only mean turning on the fans and air conditioning, especially if your bar is located in an environment surrounded by nature. In addition to refreshments, guests can also rent bicycles or scooters. Cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways to get around in the warmer months. If you are surrounded by hills, you can enrich your offer with electric bicycles/scooters, with which overcoming more demanding ascents is a real adventure.

Before they leave, you can offer your guests some refreshments. After an evening ride in nature, with the wind in your hair, they will certainly be happy to drink some orangeade or iced coffee when they return the equipment. 


There’s nothing wrong with turning the world of your clients a little upside-down sometimes. Especially if there is a lot of fun and laughter. Zorb is a huge ball made of special PVC in which two people can attach themselves and roll down the hill together. If there is a hill near your bar, you can allow your customers to get stuck in this big ball down the slope and have incredible fun. You can even organize a race and arrange a race track. You don’t even have to have zorbing on offer all summer, you can only offer it on certain days or weekends.

Zorbing is not just rolling down a hill, but you can even organize football or walking on water with different zorb balls. In any case, physical activity in them will stimulate thirst and hunger. So if you offer a "dizzying" discount, even better!  

Slackline provides fun

Walking on a taut lane or Slackline has been captivating outdoor sports enthusiasts for the past few years. Not only is it fun and beneficial for the body, but you can also perform it anytime, anywhere. Is your bar surrounded by trees? Then you can use this to your advantage and stretch a ribbon between the two trees at a height between your knees and hips. It can be used by just about anyone, although the first steps can be a bit shaky, so we also need to take care of safety. Because we humans are already a little spoiled today and we are used to something always happening around us, we also start to get bored quickly. If you decide to have slack in or near your bar, your customers will definitely not be bored. Not only will they be able to play sports on their own, but everyone likes to see how someone else is doing. 

Children are customers too

Remember that children are also your current and future guests who have their own desires, needs and personality. When you take care of children’s satisfaction, you automatically take care of parents ’satisfaction as well. Place a playground near your bar, you don't even have to overdo it. For the most part, just a swing or a sandbox is enough. Climbing walls and, of course, slides are also extremely popular. Even if you may not have children yourself, you have certainly already observed parents who "fought" with bored children and consequently left the restaurant quickly as a result. So make sure that the children can be distracted, that on rainy days there are enough crayons and some paper, and as a result, parents will prefer to come to you and stay longer. 

Summer cinema or concert

After all the sports activities listed above, relaxation should also be provided in the evenings. Outdoor cinema is a pleasant summer activity for which you basically need nothing more than a good movie, projector, screen and speakers. You don’t even have to limit it to just your patio, you can also extend it to your parking lot. At the same time, of course, popcorn or any snacks are necessary and the tour can begin!

You can also organize a small concert. Invite local, yet unknown musicians who will be happy for the opportunity to perform. Not only will you spice things up and break their everyday routine, this way you will definitely attract some new customers. In any case, due to the nature of the events, we advise you to find out well before the organization about the necessary bureaucracy that may arise.


Of course, first of all, make sure that your employees are qualified, because it mainly depends on their communication and service how the guest will experience your bar. A satisfied guest also means a higher income. At the same time, he/she will spread a good word. Can we wish for more?

However, in order for your summer corner to work smoothly and for customers to be served as quickly as possible, we enable you to order TRONpos, which works quickly, easily and efficiently on mobile devices. Allow customers to order and pay directly at the table in the summer corner.

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Ideas to spice up your summer restaurant offer
MasaKolmancic 19 July, 2021

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