Changes in the hospitality industry

How to prepare for changes in the hospitality industry

Social distancing has changed consumer behavior and brought changes to the hospitality industry.

Even if things seem to be going bad this year, some restaurants have reported above-average traffic in the summer months. Some have adapted to the situation with applications for delivering food to home and work, as well as outdoor terraces.

How to adapt to change?

We all hope and wish that the situation calms down as soon as possible, but we can prepare in advance for any changed or adjusted operation of the hospitality sector in the future with some well-thought-out solutions.

QR menu is an online application that provides guests with an easy and quick overview of the menu on any phone and thus reduces the use of classic menus. With the QR menu, we can also get feedback from our guests on food satisfaction and service.

By using TRONpos remote ordering, we significantly speed up the guest service and reduce the possibility of errors in orders, and at the same time, it allows us to print invoices right at the table.

Business owners often want to monitor the business of their company from somewhere other than just their office.  The TRONpos mobile analysis application is a convenient solution for monitoring our business, employees, financial condition and other company data from anywhere and anytime.

With all this, we must not forget about good and fast WiFi, which is the basis for the good operation of the presented solutions!
Changes in the hospitality industry
AlexandraTosic 10 August, 2021

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