Cash register solution for smaller restaurants

Top-notch cash register solution for smaller restaurants 

Even if you are the owner of a small restaurant, you need a good cash register solution for a smooth operation. The TRONpos cash register is definitely one of the best solutions currently available to you. This type of cash register is extremely easy to use and provides an extremely flexible platform.

The TRONpos GASTRO BAR cash register provides an excellent management system with standards, flexible analyzes and many other advantages, which we will reveal below. Before that, you can read what you actually need to prepare the said cash register.

The TRONpos professional team takes care of most of the implementation

The TRONpos team will take care of the preparation of the cash register almost entirely. We will install the programs and adapt everything to your wishes and needs. At the same time, we will take good care of the appropriate training for staff for the effective use of the system.

You will only need to prepare some information yourself, namely the price list of items, a list of users with tax numbers, an internal act and a dedicated digital certificate for tax certification of invoices.

Key functionalities of a top cash register

The TRONpos cash register for smaller restaurants boasts exceptional functionalities. It enables you to tax invoice certification, which is 100% in accordance with the legislation on tax certification of invoices; management and entry of all items; issuing original invoices; stock management with norms; the possibility of issuing a document at the purchase price without VAT; making price lists by days and by hours.

The top-notch cash register also allows you to export e-Bills; the possibility of issuing wholesale documents; sales monitoring and export of reports and analyzes in pdf format; daily closures of the cash register or closures according to your wishes and last but not least the back TRONoffice program.

Extension accessories

The cash register, which you can also take a closer look online, offers you even more. It allows you to add extensions, namely mobile analysis. In this way, you will be able to monitor your business from anywhere and anytime.

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Cash register solution for smaller restaurants
MasaKolmancic 26 July, 2021

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